Jarrod Cook

Advanced English

Mrs. Hoffman

7 December 2003

Parody in Chaucer's Style


Chief of Police


The Chief of Police who was tall and blue

Came along to keep order.  There were few

That would dare to challenge this well built man.

His face was strict and his skin was made tan.

He carried a big stick and a small gun

That he sometimes would shoot just for fun.

His horse was the darkest of black and built

For speed.  He was first to point out the guilt

Of the other men and push for a fine

Sentenced.  He punished one for stealing wine

And the hypocrit kept the stolen loot

For himself.  Stolen goods lie in his boot

And he took much from the plate of the poor.

He abuses his authority more

Every day. and it is a shame to see

A police chief as corrupted as he.

The chief deserves to die and then to rot

For the great wrong he has done the whole lot.