Jarrod C. Cook

25480 HWY 8

Union City, PA 16438

(814) 694-2803

Union City Area High School

Career Motivation


            As a young freshman I excelled in many areas in school; only I had no idea of what I wanted to do later in life.  Tenth grade changed all this when I took a computer programming class with Mr. Senyo.   Mr. Senyo showed me how the computer can make tasks more efficient, and he dazzled me with the inner workings of the system.  I continued taking his classes throughout my high school years becoming more fascinated year after year until I was certain what I wanted to do with the rest of my life was work with computers.  Mr. Senyo’s previous experience as the school technological coordinator and the current web master made him a perfect person to learn from.  Mr. Senyo nurtured my interests giving me access to all the resources I needed to learn and giving me responsibilities to work on important tasks, such as the school district’s web site.  I have learned a great deal from Mr. Senyo over the years and am now very talented in the field of computers.  Now as a senior, I am Mr. Senyo’s intern and he appoints me tasks that extend my knowledge even further.  I have worked on servers, web pages, and during times when Mr. Senyo has been absent I have been appointed to instruct the class.  I owe Mr. Senyo a great deal of thanks because without him I may have never found my true calling.