Ryan:  We have interrupted your programming to bring you this important message from NASA.


Jarrod:  As you may well know from John F. Kennedy’s speech we are attempting to send a man to the moon.


Ryan:  Just recently we sent an astronaut into space and just last year John Glenn successfully orbited the Earth. 


Jarrod:  We would like to continue our progress in expanding the frontier and realizing JFK’s dream of reaching the moon, but we are in desperate need of those who wish to travel into space.


Ryan:  The reason we have interrupted your programming is to reach out to the public so that we may recruit any of those willing to become astronauts.


Jarrod:  We will not deny that there is risk that comes along with the job but we believe that the glory and satisfaction that comes along with it makes the job worth it.


Ryan:  In becoming an Astronaut you will be in on all the most recent technology that others may not be aware of for several years.


Jarrod:  You will be the first to see what no one has ever seen before or you could even be the first to set foot on the moon.  You will have stories to tell your children and grandchildren for years to come.


Ryan:  You will also have the satisfaction of beating the Commies in the race to the moon and will be honored by many.


Jarrod:  We have here with us John Glenn, the first Astronaut to orbit the moon, and he will tell you the requirements of becoming an Astronaut.


Kareem:  All you need to become an Astronaut is a bachelor’s degree in science, mathematics, or engineering, good eyesight, a good stomach, and a little experience in jet aircrafts.


Kareem:  You also get all the tang you can drink.  Included with the job is this fancy helmet.


Kareem:  I look forward to working with you!


Ryan:  If you decide you would like to join us here at NASA and get in on the glory just call 1-800-for-NASA.


Jarrod:  We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.