Jarrod Cook

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Letter to My Cousin

Mrs. Rifenberick

October 13, 2002


                        Union City, 13 November 2002


My Dear Cousin:


As you know I arrived here on March of 1997.  Having lived here for over six years now, I have become quite fond of this city and the people here.  The house that we moved into was not perfect; it was in need of some serious work.  The condition of the house has improved, but much work is still needed.  We have encountered many problems over the years, one of the biggest being our water.  After a year or two for some unknown reason the water in our well gained an orange tint and had a distinct odor to it.  My father dug up the well to attempt to uncover the problem and it was found that there was surface water running in through the holes in the well.  When our clothes were washed in this water, they also gained the orange tint, so we began to wash them at the Laundromat.  We did not want to drink the water either so we bought jugs of water from the store.  We eventually had a brand new well dug and hooked it up to the house.  The new water was good but the well was not as deep as it needed to be and could only be run for a little while before running out of water.  After it runs out it fills up fairly quickly but during this time we are stuck with bad water again.  We still buy water and wash clothes at the Laundromat but soon we will get the well dug deeper.  We are currently remodeling the bathroom, putting in an all new tub, sink, door, walls, floor, and ceiling.  The kitchen is soon going to get a new floor, too.  Then the house will look a lot better.

            The town nearest our new home is a nice town and has many nice people residing in it.  The local school is fairly new and has many resources and utilities needed to advance in today’s society.  The local library has recently been moved to a brand new building and received many brand new systems and furniture.  The town is a residential town and there are few factories in the surrounding areas.  My place of residence is located about three miles from town and consists of two acres of land.  The trees on our land are not of great value because they are all pine and they attract many mosquitoes.  There is a hardware store adjacent to our property and the church is located about a mile away.  My family and I have become used to the town and our new house and with some work the house will be greatly improved.   Once our water is fixed, we will save a lot more time and money because we will not have to spend our time and money at the Laundromat washing clothes and buying water at the store.  I must end this letter I am writing you because other matters that need tending to have come about.

                                                                                          Sincerely, your cousin,

                                                                                                            Jarrod Cook