Jarrod Cook

English 100s

22 September 2004


Career Fair Experiences


            The career fair was something new to me and I am glad I had the chance to experience it.  The number of companies and people that were present amazed me, and truthfully it was overwhelming at first.  I just walked around the booths for about 15 minutes to figure out how the booths were laid out and which ones I should visit.  I finally built up some courage and went to speak to some of the representatives at the Sony Corporation booth.  I introduced myself to one of the representatives and gave him a firm handshake and he asked what field of engineering I was interested in.  I told him computer engineering, so he redirected me to another representative for Sony.  He gave me a brief overview of the types of things they were looking for and some information on the company.  Once he seen I was a freshman he told me that usually they only chose students with sophomore standing or higher.  He did; however, give me information on where I could go online and put in my resume for review. 

            The next boot I visited was the Lord Corporation booth because I was familiar with this company and the nearest division in Erie.  The machine shop I worked at the previous summer machined many parts for Lord Corporation.  I made several visits to Lord Corporation throughout my summer employment, so I had a good understanding of the types of things they did.  When I talked to the Lord representatives they did seem interested, but when I told them I was a freshman they said they were looking for sophomores.  He told me that they need the engineers they hire to have more experience, and that I should visit again next year.

            Although I met several dead ends at the career fair I am glad that I took the time to experience it.  I acquired information on several companies, which I may look into for future employment, and I received a feel for the fair atmosphere.  I also learned that next time I should acquire a suit, so that I may appear more professionally dressed.  Next time I will be sure to research the companies and the layout of the building more extensively so that I may be prepared to speak to the companies I desire to speak to.  I feel that I am now better prepared to search for a serious career in my future years of schooling.