Jarrod Cook

Professor Liliana Naydan

English 15, Section 15

7 September 2004

Computer Literacy Proposal

            My topic for this paper will be computer literacy and its necessity in today’s society.  There are many who believe computers are not necessary, especially those who were around before they were developed and popularized.  Today a computer is used for something you do every single day.  Everyone should know how to use these systems.

            My audience will be those who think that computers are trouble and that it is not important to know anything about them.  I need to persuade them of the importance of becoming computer literate.  Many may be resistant to the idea because they do not want to learn something new or are still stuck in the past.  Everyone is interested in making there everyday tasks easier, so they should be at least willing to listen to what I have to say about the topic.

            This issue is important because it is necessary for everyone to know at least something about computers.  It will help you to attain a better career and simplify all your everyday tasks.  Courses such as keyboarding and Microsoft Office should be made necessary for high school students, so that they may successfully complete projects in college and careers with speed and efficiency.  This will also contribute to the argument on how technology has and can better our lives.

            My aim is convince readers that it is necessary for them to be computer literate in order make there lives more efficient.  An academic essay will portray the argument.  Facts and evidence will be used to demonstrate the credibility of my argument and help to convince the readers.  Everyone is looking for a way to make their everyday tasks easier, which is why this should appeal to them.  Many people are not willing to commit to learning new things especially when they are set in their routines.  It will take some work to convince them why they should even bother becoming computer literate.  Facts and evidence will be the most valuable pieces of information in my argument.  I will have to research how many tasks computer literacy is needed for so I can present this knowledge in my argument.