†††† The last piece of luggage is loaded into the trunk as you give your parents a hug and climb into your vehicle.You hit the horn as you drive away and head off to face the world on your own.To me this is when adulthood begins, when you are no longer under your parentís roof and are on your own.For some this day arrives sooner and for some this comes later.Fortunately there have probably been instances in your childhood when you have been able to practice being an Adult.

†††† The age someone is said to become an adult is age eighteen.This age does not necessarily make you an adult, although it does give you the right to vote and play the lottery.The time when you really become an adult is when you are finally on your own and are responsible for your own shelter, food, and other necessities.Luckily you have probably had some sort of training in fending for yourself in the real world.School should have trained you to obtain a job and function correctly in todayís society.The chores your parents made you do have provided you with experience on keeping your house clean, warm, and safe.These and the many other activities you undertake in your childhood should prepare you for adulthood.

†††† I have owned many pets throughout my childhood and they have greatly helped in training me for a future family and children.Pets require high maintenance because they cannot take care of themselves.You have to make sure they receive nutritious food to keep them alive and healthy.Bathing and grooming is also a must for almost all kinds of pets, which can sometimes be an arduous task.These duties along with others required to take care of certain pets will help you if you plan to have children of your own in the future.Taking care of a pet makes you more responsible and causes you to feel more like an adult because you have another living creature to look after.

†† Baby-sitting is another task that I have come to know in my teenage years.I have often watched the children of my relatives when they will not be home.Small children can often be a heavy burden especially when their parents are away.When their parents are away they get the idea that they are free to do anything that they wish.It is your responsibility to watch over the children to make sure they do not hurt themselves or cause harm to the house.When you are faced with this trial you must act like an adult not only to take care of the children, but also to set an example for them.You are placed in charge of an entire household until the true owner returns.In my opinion this is about as close as you get to adulthood before you actually move out on your own.

†††† The experiences described above are experiences that I have made contact with during my life.These experiences have made me feel like I was no longer a child.I will soon be graduating from High School and heading off to college.Attending college will be like the transition from childhood to adulthood.I will be on my own but I will still have to rely on the financial support of my parents.After my education is complete I will find a job and move out, finally entering adulthood.The many years of training I have received will guide me through the rest of my life.