The issue of rebellion varies from case to case; it may be good it may be bad depending on the circumstances.  It is a good thing to rebel a little now and then.  Many of the great things today have arisen from rebellion.  If people had not rebelled the very country we live in would not be.  If people had followed all the rules our country would not be free today.  However, rebellion depends on the cause.  If you were rebelling for something such as ridding the world of schools you would be working toward a world full of uneducated people. A little rebellion does not hurt as long as the cause is good.

     Our whole country was started by rebellion and our belief system developed from it.  We were once controlled by the country of England and were forced to pay outrageously expensive taxes and tariffs to them.  The colonists eventually grew tired of this and became restless.  It was time that they did something about the taxes being imposed by England.  England was aware of the rebellion brewing across the sea and sent soldiers over to calm it.  The relationship between the soldiers and colonists was very tense and grew worse as time went on.  It started as many small rebellions against the soldiers such as the Boston Tea Party.  These small rebellions soon grew into an all out war on England.  Militias and an Army were formed and support from the country of France was gained.  The armies were evenly matched and battles raged. The war ended as Washington and his troops backed the English army into no retreat with France on the waters and the American army on the land.  In this way the free country of America was formed.

     I have had my own run-ins with rebellion from time to time.  At dinner when I was young I would have to eat whatever the rest of the family would eat.  I would sometimes rebel by refusing to eat what was served because I did not like it.  I often ended up sitting at the table for an hour or more with the food sitting in front of me.  My parents would eventually tell me that I could leave the table but that I could not have a snack later that night because I did not finish my dinner.  Although this rebellion did not seem to have a good immediate effect it returned good results in the long run.  After I refused to eat a certain food a couple of times it would be served less often or I would be given another option for dinner.  This made dinner more enjoyable and did not ending in me getting yelled at, because this time I finished my dinner.

     You have seen above how rebellion can often be a good thing.  I strongly believe that without rebellion society would fall apart and become unmanageable.  It is not good to rebel constantly against everything.  Rebellion should be used modestly for good causes only.  A little rebellion now and then usually produces good results, which improve society.