††††††††††† Robots have just come about recently and are advancing very rapidly in there humanlike capabilities.A robot that was started in 1997 at MIT is now capable of many humanlike emotions that are caused by its environment.The stimulations are not the same every time but they are also not random.The robot, called Kismet, will change in moods when he is under or over stimulated.This head built of gears, motors, chips, and sensors can see and hear what is going on around it.Itís moods are controlled by three drives that all have a certain place that the want to be.The three drives are the social drive, which is the need for people; the stimulation drive, which causes it to seek toys and other objects; and the fatigue drive, which causes it to become tired.When drives fall below their desired area the mood will change and kismet will look for a way to bring it back up.When over stimulated kismet will no longer try to stimulate that drive and if the drive is to over stimulated kismet will go to sleep. Robots continue to progress and developments are causing them to become more and more like humans.