††††††††††† Sources say that a jet, which is currently classified, has been developed and is capable of fighting, bombing, and flying at speeds of up to Mach 3.It has been nicknamed the switchblade due to its wing design.Its wings move with the flip of a switch and the way in which they move closely resembles a switchblade.The wings can be moved all the way back to provide for precision bombing.They wings can be moved further forward to become a highly agile fighter jet.If the wings are moved completely in the back edge becomes the wing and allows for speeds of Mach 3.The jet will become a very useful tool in future battles allowing all features to be put into one machine.The union of the Northrop and Grumman corporations is developing the jet.The pilots of these vehicles wear patches that say bird of prey and hint at the jetís design.Declassification review for the jet is currently underway to see if the jet can be allowed to fly in broad daylight but for now little is known about this plane.