Imagine getting up at six in the by eight morning to get to work, in California!  Paul Moller has been working to make this dream a reality for over a decade now.  The M400 Skycar, which is his most recent version of a flying car, is supposedly able to take off in your backyard without even disturbing your neighbors like a helicopter would.  It uses fans to produce thrust for vertical takeoff and landing, abbreviated VTOL.  This vehicle seems to be running ahead of its time and Moller often has to wait for new technologies with which to control the systems in the aircraft.  The Skycar has simple controls and reduces the need for a highly skilled pilot such as is necessary with a helicopter.  He uses the Wankel engine, which replaces conventional pistons, cylinders, and connecting rods with a triangular rotor housed in a chamber that creates compression and expansion as the rotor turns around.  The success of the vehicle depends on the volume production of the engines and airframes and hopefully the elimination of the need for a skilled pilot will help to raise these.  Many engineers are still skeptical, but the progression in technology such as GPS may soon allow for highways in the sky and the Skycar may one day be sold at the local car dealership.