One of the requirements for people in high places is the responsibility of overseeing their business in different parts of the world.  This can be a great burden in today’s airlines.  Airlines do allow trips to remarkably faster, but when you have so much today you need them as fast as you can get in order to get your work done and still spend time with your family.  This is why GULFSTREAM and Lockheed’s Martin’s Skunk Works are currently developing a jet that can be used in business.  This jet is will be able to reach speeds of mach 2, or 1,300mph.  Normally reaching these speeds creates a pressure wave rattling the homes of those below.  This jets design is supposedly able to sufficiently lower the boom caused by the high speed with its “low-boom” design.  Its conical nose creates a pressure peak, which raises the speed of sound, and a v-tail may help smooth out the pressure at the rear.  The wings also develop lift along the entire length of the plane causing the pressure wave to be longer and flatter.  This results in there still being a pressure wave but the high pressure peaks that the civilians on the ground once felt will be gone.  This plane is still kept secret but a test flight is planned for as early as 2005 and a business jet could be in operation by 2010.