Domain Names

Once you have your page all created and you have found a host on the web or on your own system you will need a name ( Every computer on the web has an address such as but it would be to hard to memorize the numbers for your favorite site , so Domain Names were created and they act like a shortcut would on your desktop by pointing to the correct address. When you type in a domain name it is relayed to servers on the web that keep the assignment on that name and you are then sent to the correct address. Domain names in there early days were free and in truth some still are. People began to catch on and started registering as many as possible and then there would be more than one person wanting the same name and they would eventually end up making a deal. Now domain names will cost you depending who owns it and how popular they think it will be. In fact was registered for free and 5-10 years later was sold for 17 million dollars. If you want a cheaper domain name then stay away from the .com's and look at the other extensions, there are even some free ones which I have listed below.