Guide to Web Site Design and Construction
The information you need to get started

The World Wide Web was created in only seven days, so that it means it shouldn't be that complicated, right? Well the original creation was seven days but the technology changes everyday and the web changes and grows right with it. You should know that the Internet and the World Wide Web are not the same things. The Internet is the simply the system that connects all the computer systems together through communication systems. The World Wide Web is an application that is easily run over the Internet, such as a word processor is run on a computer. The job of the World Wide Web is to send and receive code over the Internet and the receiving computer will interpret the code and display it in a browser. This site will show you how to create that code to be interpreted and displayed. There is several other peices of useful information provided on this site a description of each section can be found below.

  • About This Site - The information under this section describes the mission of this site and tells why it was created, etc.
  • Tutorials - This is the most extensive section on the page and it contains tutorials or intro tutorials to some of the most useful or most common languages on the web.
  • Resources - This section contains mostly links to pages and recommendations for books that I have found most useful.
  • History - These links will take you to histories on various items related to the functioning on the internet.
  • Copy & Paste - These are codes that I have typed up that can be copied and pasted into your page and changed to do what you want.
  • Examples - These are the examples that go along with the tutorials for a point of reference.
  • Tools - Most of the tools listed in this section are free because I believe that no one really owns the web so you should be able to use it free of charge. These tools will allow you to create your images (.jpg, .gif, etc.) and some useful editing programs as well.