If you look at the political spectrum you will find there are many different areas a person may fall.  I fall into the conservative category on the right side of the spectrum.  This was decided by my stance on many issues of which my opinions are enclosed in this essay.  Abortion is an issue that I am strongly against, because I don’t think it is right to just kill your unborn child because you do not want it.  It is not the woman’s right to kill her child.  If she did not want a child she should have made that choice before she became pregnant and even if it was not her choice to become pregnant then she can still give the child up for adoption after birth.  I think we should go back to a time when it was not even right to think about doing something like that to a child.  The death penalty is something I agree with and I think we should give the death penalty to those deserving of it.  The death penalty might even serve well to be even stricter than it is now some people just deserve the death penalty.

            Euthanasia, or mercy killing is an issue that is different from case to case and sometimes it is OK and sometimes it is not.  I think the law should remain as it is making it illegal to kill people unless they have it in their living will or are in a state of mind where they can state in front of an attorney if the want euthanasia.  I am currently employed and just like everyone else I would like the minimum wage increased and this is the only issue in which I lie on the left side of the spectrum.  I am also somewhat against animal rights.  I agree that animals, that are pets, should not be abused and neglected but some people take it to far.  What does the animal care if you die its hair and if hunting was outlawed where would we get our meat?  The gay rights is an issue in which I am just barely on the right side of the spectrum.  I everyone should have freedom, but I do not think being gay is right and the adopting children should not be allowed.  Gun control I prefer the “status quo,” I do not want anymore gun laws than we currently have.  Background checks and age limits are good but it we go to far hunting may even be eliminated altogether or guns outlawed.

            In the issue of Universal health care I lay right in the middle on one hand it helps all the people who have no insurance but on the other it hurts those who were able to get good insurance.  I am strongly against the legalization of recreational drugs.  For no reason should people be allowed to use this mind altering addictive substance.  It is harmful not only to themselves but to everyone around them.  On the issue of U.S. China relations I do not think we should act they never did anything wrong we should keep an eye on them and make sure they are not doing something wrong and I think the “status que” is fine.  I am also against school uniforms in public schools.  You should not be forced to where a uniform to school everyday you should be free to wear what you want as long as it does not effect the education of others.  Dress codes are a must so that kids know what kind of clothes they can wear but uniforms should not be required.  In private schools it would be fine to enforce a uniform policy because it is your choice whether or not to go to that school.