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My Biography
This would be me

As you already know my name is Jarrod Carl Cook and I am the propietor of this web site. I am currentlyI live in a town known as Union City, which is a relatively small town. I am currently a Freshman in college at PSU and I am a pretty good student. I began pre-school at the age of three and continued to advance through grade school. I moved a total of three times throughout grade school finally settling in Union City during my fourth grade year. Both my parents are still happily married and i have a sister who is two years younger than I. You can see my physical appearance in the photo above it is a current one. That is what I feel you should know about myself, my interest are located on the interests page. Go take a look! And as you can see i don't like to proofread what i type. It's not that i am bad at english i am just lazy and Microsoft word has encouraged this by automatically capitalizing my i's when i type so i no longer hold the shift key when i type my i's. When i script i have to use notepad or simpletext and this does not fix my i's for me and i don't really feel like going through and fixing them, so please ignore these capitalization errors and common misspellings, I have been spoiled by word.


This site was Created in its entirety by Jarrod C. Cook. If you have any problems or find any errors please contact me.