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Harry W. Iman
(the epitome of cool teacher)
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Ok here is the story i hope your ready for this one. Mr. Harry W. Iman was (keyword) a teacher at my high school until about halfway through January of 2000. during his 21 year career he taught metal shop and drafting (or Mechanical Drawing if you prefer). His metal shop was closed down before i attended High School and transformed into a power technology lab, which Iman continued to run. Iman was an extremely harry fellow, which may be the reason for the name Harry (it's like a tootsie pop the world may never know). He was notorious for picking on students especially when they were trying to draw. An example: Iman puts you in a headlock while trying to draw a precise line and as your pencil flies across the page ripping it up states, "you won't be able to erase that one!" All in all he was a pretty good guy though, he liked to tell funny stories.
On this particular year Harry Iman was corrupted by the internet, we don't know how it happened it just did, Iman had an obsession. I recall one day in drafting he turned his computer away from the class and toward the wall we thought that peculiar, but disregarded it. About a week later a classmate and I brought our completed drawings up to Mr. Iman only to our surprise to see his computer displaying the filfth of the web "Internet Porn." My buddy asked "What's that Mr. Iman?" and Mr. Iman's reply was "You never know what will pop up when you click on those links." and he proceeded to X out the 5 or so browser windows displayin it. We knew this was a lie but we did not say anything because he was a decent guy. We knew he did it more than once though because we often heard rumors of someone seeing it on his computer and then seeing Mr. Iman head to the restroom again these were just rumors, so we don't know how much is true. Anyway Mr. Iman was responsible for a sixth or seventh grade class, don't remember which, and one of the students turned him in. His computers were deeply searched and a whole cache of you know what was found. The board reviewed its options while keeping the incident away from the press, with astounding success in fact none really knew, and asked Iman to gracefully resign to which he agreed. I never seen him again, sure I hear stories of him now and then and I hear he installs cabinets for a living. His daughter continued to attend our school and graduated a year before me. We went through two drafting teachers in the two years that followed and they eventually cut the class. The next year I decided to do some investigating of my own and explored all Iman's things. He backed up EVERYTHING, five copies of windows 3.1 and disk with all kinds of weird files. Surprisingly i found no porn at all but i did find some weird stuff such as some weird drawings on his hard drive (they are listed below). Mr. Iman became the topic of inside jokes throughout the school, half of the students knowing what happened and the other half not. It has kind of been forgotten now, but I am sure Mr. Iman remembers every day of his life. He probably will always regret giving into his urges, Good Luck on your journey Mr. Iman.
Below are several different items of interest such as the info i found on Iman's pc and some flash movies and stuff will be coming soon.

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