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Funny Videos
Funny Videos

These are just a collection of videos i have found on my journey's across the internet. Many are stored on another server, you will be redirected.

Kenny Rogers Jackass (Part 1) - This is hilarious! One of the most funny videos i have ever seen. It is a mad TV sketch featuring kenny rogers as the host of Jackass performing several stunts with 2 teenage kids. Check it out then check out part 2(just be warned it is about 47mb).

Kenny Rogers Jackass(Part 2) - This is part 2 of the Kenny Rogers Jackass video. This one includes Wee man, Steveo, and Preston from the original Jackass. It is also hilarious.

The Grandma Wassup - I am sure you have seen the budweiser wassup commercial. Well this is the same deal but with a bunch of elderly people it is pretty funny.

Woman Driver - This video features a lady playing a prank on another driver. It is pretty funny.

Star Wars Kid - You may have seen this video on the news a couple of years ago. It was a high school kid taping himself doing star wars, but forgot to delete it off the camera and his buddies put it on Kazaa it went everywhere it is pretty funny.


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