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My Interests

I decide to add this section because I figured knowing my interests would help you decode why certain things are on my site.

  • Technology - As you can plainly see I am most definitely interested in Technology (mainly computers). Anything that is done on the computer in enjoy doing, the technology interests me greatly. As you can see i am pretty skilled in the are of web scripting. I also am responsible my School District's Website.
  • Skiing - Skiing is pretty school I do it quite abit up here in NorthWest Pennsylvania. I have been skiing for a long time and I am a very competent skier.
  • Learning - This one may sound stupid but I have a desire to learn and a hunger for knowledge. I actually enjoy school and spend alot of time at home reading articles and information. I do not like literature but technical articles such as stuff on math and science.
  • Nature - I like nature in general, the wildlife, the plants, i like it all. I actually considered going to school for that type of thing, i guess computers just interest me more though.
  • DDR - I just bought this game Dance Dance Revolution. I never heard of it till i got to school and i played it and it was awesome. There is a club here but i am no where near good enough for that.......yet, haha. Those kids are crazy jumping and spinning....nuts.
  • Religion - I was born into a christian family and today i have noticed that the values of soceity have begun to slip. Words that were rarely uttered decades ago are now used as common speech. Sex is no longer a sanctity of marriage, but instead thought of as a normal part of every relationship. I don't know how this universe came to be but everything has a reason and there just has to be something bigger out there, i know, i feel it, and i know where i am going when i die, do you?


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