You can Make this hamster Walk! Hold Shift and press J,K,L, or I.

Yeah this is me

Welcome One And All...

Good day, I am Jarrod Cook and as you can plainly see this is my web page (if you have not guessed the handsome fellow above is not "The Fonz" but yours truly). It contains a wide variety of information because it has no real purpose. That is ok though because as my good friend strongbad has once stated: "The Internet is a place where absolutely nothing happens." That means my site will fit right in on this wondrous superhighway known as the World Wide Web. All scripts on this site were written completely by me. I have left comments throughout the source code. Please feel free to copy and modify any code you want, after all it is just a jumble of letters and numbers and no one owns them (open source rules). If you have any questions about how something works or you find something does not work as it should feel free to email me. I have set up decent sound system on the site and you can choose from 25 different songs to play in the background just use the option on the nav bar [all music files are midis, which means they load fast the are all less the 75 kb(kilobytes)]. The moving hamster has no point really, I just wanted to see if i could make an item move around the screen by way of keyboard keys, from here the possibilities are endless. I used a marquee for my news and updates, but you will notice I developed my own instead of using the marquee command. If you have ever used netscape (bad decision) you know that it does not support marquees, but does support common Javascript and forms so my system overcomes the marquee issue. This site was posted on the Internet on February 25, 2004 in an incomplete status and is currently: Under Construction Watch news and updates to see whats new and what is done.As you can see there are many areas of the site to explore:

  • Who am I? - This section contains all the information you would ever want on who I am and about my habitat.
  • Communication - This will be your portal for reaching others who visit the site and contacting me.
  • Videos - Most of these videos are flash movies created by me or someone I know. I am just an Amateur at Flash so check them out and give me your feedback.
  • Pictures - Pictures of anything you can thing of here funny, odd, interesting, etc.
  • Tutorials - As you can see I am pretty decent at creating web pages and I know the script fairly well this section contains several intro tutorials to get you started into web scripting. Oddly enough the internet is the best place to learn how to use the Internet. I will lead you through basics and advanced scripting and point you towards more free useful learning material.
  • Downloads - This section will give you access to all of my favorite downloads from apps to sounds.
  • Links - Self explanatory. Links to my favorite sites from informational to funny.
  • Technology - This section will give you my views on certain technological issues and the internet section contains on a sixteen page research paper on the history of the internet (includes graphs and figures).
  • Flashback - The Old days are the Good days. Let's "wonder back into the past" and I'll paint you a picture of yesterday.


This site was Created in its entirety by Jarrod C. Cook. If you have any problems or find any errors please contact me.