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My Assignments
The future

Ok These are the essays i wrote in advanced english 12, they are more in depth than my past essays and much longer. Most of them got A's but like 2 got B's. I also wrote a 16 page research paper but it was part of my senior project so it is with that section.

Essay Description
Contrast of Antigone This essay compares Sophocles version of Antigone with the modern version by Jean Anouilh.
Beowulf Essay #1 This is one of two essays about the poem beowulf it is about being an epic hero and is short.
Beowulf Essay #2 This is the second beowulf essay. I also drew an interesting picture of Mr. ImanBeowulf, to see it click here.
Chaucer Poem This is a poem written in the style of Geoffrey Chaucer about the Chief of Police.
Great Teacher Essay This is an essay about good ol' Mr. Senyo i think it was for PBS or something.
The Greek Comparison This essay compares Sophocles series: Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and Medea.
Hamlet Cause and Effect This is a cause and effect essay on Shakespeare's Hamlet.
HTML Cheatsheet I have no idea how this got in this directory but here it is and i don't feel like moving it. This is my handout from that week when i was a teacher because senyo fell on the ice in the lot. That was a nice week i taught everything in like two days gave them this handout so they would remember it then played games and answered any questions throughout the week. The actual sub was Mr. Bowl(boul, Boule, Boewodlfl) so he just told us stories...for more on Mr. B... click here.
Motifs in Macbeth This is a motif paper on Macbeth
The Odyssey Film Review This is a film review on the film as it is compared to the epic poem.
the odyssey of my life This is my personal odyssey check it out.
Sonnet THis is another sonnet.
A Midsummer's Night Dream This essay compares the three worlds portrayed in A Midsummer's Night Dream.

To see a picture i drew of Mr. Iman Beowulf click here.
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