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My Assignments
The future

English 15 my first english college course...still stinks. We have to write 14 of 20 assigned "Intellectual" Journals so that is what they are and they are not actually journals they are 400 wrd essays on something we had to read. There are also 6 main assignments with proposals they will be listed as well.

Essay Description
Computer Literacy This is an essay that was supposed to be written as a narrative on literacy, so i chose compouter literacy. I received a B- on it.
Computer Literacy Proposal This is the proposal for the computer literacy essay.
Rhetorical Analysis Paper This is a rhetorical analysis of an ad that came out in March of 1997 and used Clinton as their spokesperson. Turned out to be a pretty lame choice of ethos. I received a B+ on this essay.
Rhetorical Analysis Proposal This is the proposal for my rhetorical analysis paper.
Rebuttal Paper Not done yet.
Rebuttal Proposal This is the proposal for my Rebuttal on the No Landfill article.
"Intellectual" Journals
Journal #1 This was on reading we did about literacy
Journal #2 This journal is on Lu a chinese writers journey of becoming literate.
Journal #3 This journal is on the use of irony in a peice on gender in writing.
Journal #4 This journal is on the writing by Martin Luther King Jr. from the Birmingham Jail.
Journal #5 This is another journal on King's work and how he incorporated pathos, ethos, and logos into his writing.
Journal #6 This is a weird journal it analyzes the argument made by english 15, as in the classroom arrangement, etc.
Journal #7 This journal analyzes three rhetorical analysis papers written by other students of English 15.
Journal #8 This journal just tells about what the libraries online databases are capable of, pretty much just proves we looked at them.
Journal #9 This is about the canon and education and the kind of education you think you should be getting. Whether you should be reading multicultural works are the classics like we read now.
Journal #10 This journal discusses topics presented in essays on Ebonics and the education system.

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