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My Assignments
The future

This is the stuff I wrote in Advanced English 11 and there is also one peice of writing from Advanced English 10. The reflections are short paragraphs that we had to write for our portfolio's at the end of the year. Just click on the Essay name to see the essay. You can do whatever you want with the essay they may not be great but they got me an A in advanced english.

Essay Description
Abagail Letter This is some fictitious letter we had to write in the style of Someone Abagail. I wrote fake letter to my cousin.
Acrostic Poem This is an acrostic poem about something I can't remember and i don't want to look you'll have to read it and find out.
Autobiography This is my autobiography as written in 11th grade i think it contains an incident of something that happened to me.
Letter from Boston This is another fictitious letter from boston during the boston tea party time.
Adulthood This is an essay we had to write for an automatic scoring system via web ("Criterion"). It was on adulthood it got me a 5 out of 6 we were required to get 3.
Rebellion This is another essay for criterion. It also got a 5 and it is written on rebellion.
Death of a Salesman Death of a Salesman was one of the 4 books required for summer reading. This is just a summary showing i read it.
Death of a Salesman(analysis) This is an actual essay not just a summary. This analyzes Willy's suicide.
Folk Tale This is a folk tale that was supposed to follow along the lines of Sleepy Hollow.
The Glass Menagerie (Comparison) This compares the book to the movie in an analytical essay.
Indian Presentation I had to make some presentation on indians in english i think this is my speech.
John Lilburne reaction This is a reaction essay to the life of John Lilburne ("Freeborn John").
Letter to Mrs. Rifenberick To discover our interests and abilities Mrs. Rifenberick ("The english teacher") had us write it out in letter form.
Of Mice and Men(analysis) This essay analyzes the hopes and dreams in Of Mice and Men.
Of Mice and Men Notes I had to make notes of themes in Of Mice and Men i guess these are them.
Origin of the World We had to write like a native american story on the origin of the world. We put this to music i was pretty cool.
Our Town This is another one of those summer readings. This is the summary to prove i read it.
Pyramid Poem This is a Pyramid poem on Willy from death of a Salesman.
Scarlet Letter Character Sketch This is a character sketch on Roger Chillingworth from The Scarlet Letter.
Short Story This is a short story from 10th grade. Now that i go back and read it i don't really like it but hey what'r'ya'gonna do.
Skiing Essay This is an essay i wrote on skiing and i actually adapted it in twelth grade and used it as an admissions essay to college and hey i got in everywhere i applied(pitt main and penn state main), so it can't be that bad.
Sonnet This is a sonnet i wrote check it out. Do it.
The Glass Menagerie This is another one of those summer readings and this is the summary to prove i read it.
The Scarlet Letter This is another book that i had to read over the summer and this is it's summary.
The Worst Possible Essay She asked us to write the worst possible essay and this is what came out. Most people wrote a pretty lengthy one, but hey she wants a bad essay i gave her one.
Reflections and Revisions
We were required to correct so many of our essays for a portfolio and write reflections on certain things these are them.
Puritan Journal Samples We had to keep a journal like a puritan for a week or two and type up two entries, these are my two entries.
Autobiography reflection This is a reflection on my autobiography what i though of writing it and so forth.
College Application Essay Reflection This is the reflection i wrote on my sample college application essay.
Reflection on my Literary Essays Enough said.
Reflection on my poetry same as above.
Reflection on my proud peice We had to pick out an essay we were proud of and write a reflection on it. This is mine.
Reflection on revisions THis is what i though about my revisions.
Reflection on Sopmore Peice This is what i though of my sophmore peice in 11th grade.
Reflection on struggle This is a reflection on the peice i struggled the most with.
Reflection on Summer This is a reflection on my summer reading and writing.
Abigail Letter Revised This is that abigail letter again but corrected.
Folk Tale Revised This is my Folk Tale after i fixed it all up.
Letter Revised I fixed that letter i wrote to Mrs. Rifenberick.
Origin of the Universe revised This is the corrected Indian story.
Pyramid Poem revised This is that stupid pyramid poem but corrected.

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